The purpose of the Grants Department is to increase external funding, through grants, for all college departments.
To achieve this, the Grants Department provides technical assistant with funding proposals through the following activities:

  1. Meets with committee or individuals to obtain project information.
  2. Researches potential funding sources for your projects. Maintain all funding information.
  3. Matches the right funding opportunity to meet your request.
  4. Works with faculty or staff to write, compile and submit grant applications.
  5. Maintains records of all submitted grant applications.
  6. Maintains grant funding information.
  7. If awarded grant, conducts post-award meeting to determine roles and responsibilities. 
  8. Provides technical assistance with grant reporting and grant regulations.
  9. If not awarded grant, contacts grantor agency and obtains information to resubmit applications.

Benefits of Grants

  1. Expand or create new programs - i.e. Energy Efficient Construction program – revised Construction Technology program,
  2. Purchase new equipment and supplies – i.e. Fiber Optics program.
  3. Hire additional staff/faculty - i.e. Secretary, Program Director, coordinators, adjunct faculty, etc.
  4. Provides stipend or additional funding for grant administration – During the nine-month semester year, all faculty are allowed to make up to a 25% increase in their salary.
  5. Provides funding to market your program – publications, brochures, flyers
  6. Assists in gaining promotions and tenure.
  7. Provide travel funds to attend conferences to learn more about your particular program – i.e. National Endowment for Humanities - Landmarks of American History Workshops, Fulbright Fellowships & Seminars
  8. Provides opportunities to develop partnerships with other colleges or community organizations.
  9. Provides better educational opportunities for students.

The next time you get an idea for a new program or need additional funding for equipment contact Michelle Anderson, Grants/Development Specialist at ext. 738 or room A211c.   

Grants Application process

  1. Talk to Grant Specialist about your project. Even if you do your own grant application let the Grants Department know.  All grant applications are maintained in the Grants office.
  2. Complete the Grant Review and Approval Form (GRAF)
  3. Complete and include the Grant Proposal Summary with the GRAF
  4. Take the Grant Go/NO GO Quiz (ideas for grants)
  5. On the GRAF form Obtain pre-approval signatures (Division/Dept. Chair, Vice-Pres., Administrative/Gov. Services, Foundation (if applying through them), Grants Specialist)
  6. Work with Grants Specialist on the grant application (narrative, budget, forms, etc.)
  7. Work with Grants Specialist on the final version of the application and budget.
  8. Obtain final approval signatures on GRAF form (Vice President of Finance and Administration and President)
  9. Grants Specialist submits grant for college

Grant follow-up

  1. Letter will be sent from the funding agency to the college.
  2. If grant is awarded CELEBRATE!! 
  3. If grant is not awarded, contact the Grants Specialist.
  4. Grants Specialist will follow-up with funding agency and work with you to resubmit the grant.